Three Best Rated® 50-Point Inspection

Our 50-Point Inspection includes everything from checking reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust and cost to the general excellence. If you are looking for full list of our 50-Point Inspection, the following list will give you a clear picture. Few items may not be applicable to all businesses.


  1. Experience

    Master of their craft, based on years of quality experience and education

  2. Online History

    A detailed research about the business's website and other pages to check if they are keeping the webpages updated throughout the years.

  3. Ownership History

    To see if the business is family-owned, LLC, Partnership, or sole proprietorship and corporation and it's history.

  4. Services

  5. Exact Services

    The exactness of the services offered by the business relative to their core industry.

  6. Special Features

    Complementary services that have been offered by the businesses to its customers as a sign of good gesture. Like for professionals, it could be offering free case study, case evaluation, etc.

  7. Service Diversification

    Variety of services offered by the businesses related to their field.

  8. Images

  9. Business Images

    Original and authentic images that help customers learn about the business before using their service.

  10. Fake Images

    This includes the usage of morphed, animated, and irrelevant images.

  11. Ownership Proof

    Images of the license, permit, or any other documents that verify the authenticity of the ownership.

  12. Operating Hours

  13. Business Hours

    Maximum operating hours in a day that benefits the customers.

  14. Less Operating Hours

    Businesses with limited operating hours compared to other businesses present on the same listing.

  15. Social Media

  16. Social Media Presence

    Verifying a business's official pages on all social media platforms.

  17. Page Maintenance

    Keeping all their social media platforms updated on a daily basis.

  18. Followers Ratio

    Businesses with the highest followers/following ratio shows they have a good reputation among the people.

  19. Website

  20. Complete Info

    The availability of complete and detailed information about all the aspects of the business on their official website.

  21. Online Chat

    Having a website that is integrated with chatbots or live chat to connect with the customers and answer their queries right away.

  22. Online Appointment

    Customers are provided with access to make appointments with the business or professionals online through their official website.

  23. Website Standard

    Appearance and performance of the business's website with information about all the recent updates.

  24. Emblem

    Having a personalized, legitimate, creative and unique business logo.

  25. Contact Info

    Furnishing accurate contact information such as Address, Phone Number, and Email ID.

  26. Copyright & License

    Updating copyrights annually and proper maintenance of a legitimate license.

  27. Acknowledgements

    Recognition about the business from a number of reliable third-party websites.

  28. Awards

  29. Awards History

    The history of awards and titles a business has won consecutively over the years.

  30. Multiple Awards

    Numerous awards conferred to the business from multiple legitimate sources.

  31. Achievements

    Number of milestones and acknowledgments such as making an appearance in the award honours list.

  32. Complaints

  33. ThreeBestRated Complaints

    Complaints that Three Best Rated receives about the business from the customers who used the services of the respective business.

  34. Response from Owner

    The way the owner responds to a complaint from Three Best Rated and other review sites.

  35. Fake Complaints

    Three Best Rated verifies the authenticity of the complaint and eliminates the fake ones.

  36. Lawsuit

    Ongoing cases or lawsuits filed against the business or professionals.

  37. Reviews

  38. Legitimate Ratings

    We check for the legitimacy of the reviews and ratings posted by the customers.

  39. Current Evaluation

    Current evaluation involves the evaluation of Recent reviews means people are actively using the services of the business.

  40. Fake Reviews

    Fake reviews are all over the internet. We make it a priority to check and eliminate such reviews.

  41. Reviewer's Info

    We analyze the identity and the background of the reviewers.

  42. Reviews Study

    A thorough study of the reviews the business has got throughout the years.

  43. Responsiveness

    How often the owner replies to the customer's both good and bad reviews and feedbacks.

  44. Negative Reviews

    Businesses with high negative reviews won't be considered for the listing.

  45. Review Analysis

    Specific reviews praising the skills of the team or thanking the professionals by mentioning their names.

  46. Reviews Accuracy

    Reviews that describe the accuracy of the services offered by the business or the professional.

  47. Miscellaneous

  48. Real Discounts

    Authentic discounts or flat price offers provided by the business to their customers.

  49. Price Comparison

    Business that offers fair prices for their service.

  50. Location Proximity

    The office should be located within its serving area.

  51. Specialisation

    The unique service for which the business is known for.

  52. Gift Vouchers

    Yearly and seasonal gift vouchers offered by the business to their customers.

  53. Multiple Branches

    Businesses with multiple branches in and around its serving area.

  54. Videos

    Availability of videos about the business and its services or informative videos made by the businesses for the benefit of customers.

  55. Call Inspection

    The quality of the response by the business professionals while communicating through call.

  56. Insurance Acceptance

    Businesses that accept the most number of insurance to benefit the customers.

  57. Address Validation

    Verifying the physical location of the business is the same as the address furnished on their website and other platforms.

  58. Website Source

    A business having an authentic and indigenous website

  59. Our Review Team Overall Satisfaction

    Our review team's satisfaction based on the inspection data.

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